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Step 1: please choose your account according to your location
  • Buyer accounts open to any countries / regions around the world.
  • Able to fill Company Profiles and post Buying Requests
  • Seller accounts open to the 17 of towns and cities in 6 provinces of China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand along the North South Economic Corridors only.
  • Able to fill Company Profiles, showcase its selling products & services, and post its buying requests.
  • BDSO accounts open to the actors from any countries/ regions around the world, who provide Business Development Services (BDS) to the SMEs from China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand along the NSEC.
  • Able to fill organizations' profile and post the events to be organized in the four countries.
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The NSEC business platform is part of a development project of the Mekong Institute. If there is any problem or lost happened during business exchange, the Mekong Institute will not take any legal responsibility.

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