Welcome to the NSEC B2B E-Platform and Business Database!

The website is a business e-platform of the North South Economic Corridor (NSEC) to promote business networking among the SME owners in the corridor. It is the output of NSEC project implementing by the Mekong Institute in 2013-2015 to enhance capacities of provincial and local chambers of commerce in trade and investment facilitation along the corridor. This project is supported by the Chinese government.

The website comprises of four core sections – 1) Provincial Profiles, 2) Company Profiles, 3) Products Showcase and 4) Buyer Requests. It serves as an information hub with macro-level information related to business and investment opportunities to promote the 6 provinces along the NSEC Route 3A and Route 3B for investors. The website also comprises of business database providing company profiles and product information. This allows the companies to be more visible to demonstrate their business and showcase their products online. The inclusive buyer request platform allows buyer- seller to interact for business development.

The platform provides business related information of 6 provinces in China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand along the corridor.

  • ⁞ Yunnan Province
  • ⁞ ⁞ Kunming
  • ⁞ ⁞ Pu’er
  • ⁞ ⁞ Yuxi
  • ⁞ ⁞ ⁞ Jinghong
  • ⁞ ⁞ ⁞ Mohan, Mengla
  • ⁞ ⁞ ⁞ Daluo, Menghai
  • ⁞ Luang Namtha Province
  • ⁞ ⁞ Boten
  • ⁞ Bokeo Province
  • ⁞ ⁞ Houayxay
  • ⁞ Shan State
  • ⁞ ⁞ Kengtung
  • ⁞ ⁞ Mongla
  • ⁞ ⁞ Tachilek
  • ⁞ Chiang Mai Province
  • ⁞ Chiang Rai Province
  • ⁞ ⁞ Chiang Khong
  • ⁞ ⁞ Chiang Saen
  • ⁞ ⁞ Mae Sai


  • To serve as an e-platform for business exchanges along the NSEC and beyond to promote trade and investment in the GMS corridors
  • To provide a comprehensive database of the economic corridors in the GMS

Key features

Information Hub & Business Database
Provincial Profiles Company Profiles
6 provincial, 4 municipal and 10 township levels – a total of 20 business profiles. Each profile contains the categories of information on:

  • Overview
  • Investment opportunities
  • Macroeconomic indicators
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Population and GDP
  • Research and Development Center
  • Natural resources
  • Business environment
  • Financial institutions
  • Business associations and other services
  • Etc.
Include registered seller list and individual company profiles of the four countries. Users are able to:

  • Access detailed company profiles including company introduction, operation status, major products, buying requests and contacts which administrated by each registered seller.
  • Search company by location, product, business type and any key word.
  • Star review and comment on each company page


E-platform for Buyer and Seller
Products Showcase Buyer Requests
Online store and showcase the highlighted products and/or services of sellers along the NSEC. Users are able to:

  • Sort and search products by products category and location.
  • Access to the product details on photo, price, size, color, weight, model, location, availability in stock and description.
  • Star review and comment products or services
  • Further visit sellers’ company page and contacts




Display the Buyer’s Requests around the world once registered either as seller or buyer on the website. Registered users are able to:

  • Post buying requests easily whenever you are
  • Search requests by products category and location
  • Online business matching to find the proper partners